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Marvel's Most Prolific Super Dads

Posted on 14 June 2018

Father’s Day is on the horizon! Have you bought your dad a gift yet?

To celebrate the event, MyOffers has created a piece showcasing the fathers of Marvel (specifically the Earth 616 universe) and their children. We have included each character’s notable superpowers and highlighted in bold those powers that fathers have in common with their offspring, either through being physically or genetically passed on by the parent or simply imitated by the child. The resulting information is intriguing: all the fathers with four or more children were villains! Though  that isn’t to say there aren’t a fair few hero dads as well.

 Although we restricted the piece to fathers with two or more children from the main 616 universe, there are still plenty of families for you to peruse. Maybe your favourite superhero or supervillain has a child or three that you didn’t know about (Loki, we’re looking at you…)!