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James Bond's Evolution of Gadgets

Posted on 23 October 2015

The name's Bond... James Bond.
James Bond is Ian Fleming’s fictional intelligence officer employed by the British Secret Service and is known for his legendary suave and sophisticated personality, his love of fast cars and his love of faster women.

Whilst Bond has his vices (alcohol, cigarettes and gambling), he is an exceptional marksman, skilled in unarmed combat, skiing, swimming and golf. James Bond is a man who will kill without hesitation or regret; he has a licence to kill, yet rarely does so unless ordered to, or has to act in self-defence or occasionally in revenge.

The legacy of this stylish, brooding spy featured in Ian Flemings spy novels has spanned over 50 years and 23 movies. Fleming based his novels on his experiences as a naval intelligence officer and the character James Bond is an amalgamation of the secret agents and commando types he had met during his time serving in the navy.

With the release of Spectre, the 24th film in the James Bond franchise, MyOffers is illustrating the evolution of James Bond’s gadgets, weapons and cars etc. featured in the films since Dr No in 1962. We are delighted to present to you an amazing interactive journey through the James Bond Saga.

James Bond's Evolution of Gadgets

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