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Entering Competitions On MyOffers

Posted on 29 May 2015

What is MyOffers?

MyOffers is a competitions website where you can enter to win free prizes. It sounds too good to be true but that’s what they do! I guess much like free sample websites, brands want the publicity associated with competitions and the PR they can generate.


Do people really win at MyOffers?

It would appear so, there’s a winners section full of photographs of winners and quite a few comments from people on their Facebook page saying they’ve won. Scrolling through the winners’ gallery, every photo looks different and a few have people with their prizes so they all look legitimate – many photos are so bad they surely can’t be fake!

MyOffers competition winners

I’ve seen a few articles in newspapers recently of people that are full time competition entrants and they seem to win things most months, from breakfast cereals to hair straighteners. It seems the competition landscape is pretty big with loads of competitions to enter online.

How easy is it to enter competitions?

Once you’ve joined it’s very easy, and becoming a member is simple in itself and free. The membership form is simple and only takes a minute to complete and then you don’t have to enter your name etc again for each prize you enter. From what I can tell there isn’t a limit to how many prizes you can enter, but be careful, it gets quite addictive and I’ve entered a few prizes I don’t actually want to win.


I’ve never won anything before in my life!

We’ve all said that! Most of us still say it, but people win the Lottery and people win at MyOffers it seems, so someone out there is always getting lucky! The old phrase must runs true, “You have to be in it to win it!” It will be just my luck that I win a wooden spoon! Luckily I’ve not seen one of those up for grabs… Yet!

Money Competitions on MyOffers
Electronic Competitions On MyOffers
Just a few of the competitions currently open on MyOffers

What can I win?

Luckily, not a wooden spoon! There seems to be a vast array of competitions to enter from cars and holidays to gadget prizes and cold hard cash. There always seems to be lots of supermarket shopping trips up for grabs from Tesco, Lidl and Waitrose, along with vouchers for all the high street fashion stores like Topshop and Primark. Just imagine how many clothes you could buy if you won a free shopping spree in Primark!

MyOffers always seems to have some more random prizes to win as well like winter tires for you car, robot vacuum cleaners and selfie sticks!