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Win vouchers, gig tickets, shopping sprees and football prizes in our free lifestyle competitions!*

  • This prize is sponsored by MandM Direct Limited who will receive prize entrants' details.

    Fancy a new Summer wardrobe full of your favourite brands? With £250 up for grabs to spend at MandM Direct, you could be just a few clicks away from Summer style heaven! At MandM Direct you'll find the latest fashion, sports & outdoor brands for men, women & kids - all with up to 75% off the RRP.

  • This prize is sponsored by Watches2U International Ltd who will receive prize entrants' details.

    Watches2U introduce another impressive analogue men's wrist watch that is constructed by Krug Baumen. This wrist watch features a gold stainless steel bracelet with a stainless steel case combined with a white face. This 400101DS Krug Baumen men's wrist watch includes the 5 years manufacturer warranty booklet. Krug Baumen recommends that customers always buy their 400101DS Krug Baumen men's watch though authorised retailers like us at Watches2U.

  • This prize is sponsored by Maximiles who will receive prize entrants' details.

    Choose your own prize from the one of the world's biggest market places – Amazon.

    You could win a £250 voucher to spend on whatever you like. On Amazon you'll find a huge choice of books, music, films, toys, gadgets, clothes, sporting goods, homeware and more – virtually anything you can think of.



Win washing machines, fridge freezers, luxury sofas & more prizes in our free household competitions!*

  • Do you dread your gas bill landing on the Doormat every month or quarter?

    The gas bill has become one of the single biggest household expenses, and they only seem to keep rising!

    Just imagine what it would be like to be totally free from paying those pesky quarterly gas bills for a whole year. What could you do with all that money saved? When winter comes, you can whack up the central heating to keep your home warm and toasted without fearing the enormous bills. Enter today and we could have you covered for a year's worth of gas bills.

  • MyOffers is giving away £250 to spend at Tesco in this fantastic Week Only Prize!

    You're sure to find all your favourite brands at great prices and watch out for Tesco's special offers too!

    This prize is only available until Midnight 3rd December so make sure you enter straight away for your chance to win a shopping spree at the UK's leading supermarket.

  • Here's your chance to win one of the most feature-packed Smartphones on the planet, from tech giants Samsung, The Samsung S6 EDGE! Renowned for their stunningly sharp design and revolutionary technology, Samsung have delivered a clearer, faster, brighter, all-round giant of a Smartphone for 2015, and with this fantastic free competition you could be the lucky winner to take it home and receive all of this power at the tip of your fingers!

    As with all of the Galaxy models, expect big! The HD screen at 5.1 inches will dazzle you, the 16MP camera with 0.3s autofocus will ensure you capture the sharpest photos in all of their glory, and the huge array of features will keep you busy for days.

    A Smartphone to rival all Smartphones, the S6 Edge boasts fingerprint scanning, a Heart-rate monitor, 2GB RAM, a massive 2800mAh battery and tonnes more. There's certainly plenty to brag about with the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge and it could all be yours. Simply enter this amazing competition for your chance to win!



Win an iPad, iPhone, laptops & more prizes in our free gadget competitions!*

  • Apple is the brand for innovative, cutting edge and sought after technology. We have all seen the queues around the block by hopeful consumers, waiting to buy the latest product, and we have all marvelled at how creative each new piece of technology realised is.

    The iPad Air 2 is no exception. This latest tablet is one of the best on the market currently. It is 18% thinner than the iPad before, and powerful yet light. In fact it's so light you can barely feel it, which makes it great for travelling with. The iPad Air 2 has a range of functions, meaning there is something for everyone. A large display for seeing with amazing clarity, the new iSight camera which is being hailed as the best camera for iPad yet, and wifi capabilities twice as fast as the previous generation means this iPad Air 2 not only looks good, but working beautifully too.

    This piece of technology is so remarkable and inventive that we at MyOffers can't get enough. That's why we are so incredibly excited to be able to offer one lucky entrant the chance to win an iPad Air 2!! Yes, you read right. YOU could be walking away with this new and beautiful piece of technology from Apple for free. It won't cost you a penny and the rewards are immense.

    Entering our amazing free prize giveaway couldn't be easier, just enter your details before the deadline and you could be the proud new owner of a brand new iPad Air 2 without spending a single penny.

    This offer from MyOffers is simply too good to be ignored, so get entering now and YOU could be our next winner.



Win a car, road tax for a year, free car insurance & more prizes in our free car competitions!*

  • The Nissan Qashqai is one of the most exciting and industrious cars currently on the road. Designed and made in Britain, this car is the epitome of high quality engineering. The Nissan Qashqai is the best small SUV for the 2nd year running. Built to last, the Nissan Qashqai is powerful and delivers its power smoothly which means whoever drives it is guaranteed a clean, enjoyable ride. The 1.6 diesel engine feels super strong and is great for daily use, particularly if you have a family or friends that need someone to help them around or run errands. Economical yet classy inside and with an air of refinement, this car controls its body well and it has excellent handling which means whoever drives it is guaranteed a safe and secure ride.

    That's why MyOffers are so excited to be offering the latest free prize giveaway; the chance to win a brand new, top of the range Nissan Qashqai.

    You could be the lucky person who wins a brand new car and it won't cost you a single penny. All you have to do is enter our amazing free prize giveaway and then sit back, wait and you could be driving off in the latest, state of the art car. Good luck and it could be you!!

  • How would you like to get your hands on a brand new car for free? The Smart ForFour car comfortably seats 4 adults whilst remaining light on the road. It is described as being confident and extravagant, not just in looks but in the way it rides. We are giving this incredible brand new car away to one of our members and it could be you!

    Engineered with Mercedes-Benz this car is sure to catch your eye, unlike the usual Smart Car stereotype the Smart ForFour is just as good, if not better than any other city car, easy to park and manoeuvre into small spaces makes it the ideal car to be driving when living in a busy city centre! This is a quirky alternative to a plain boring conventional car and it sets itself apart from its rivals like Seat Mii, Skoda Citigo and VW Up which all have very similar characteristics!

    When it comes to practicality and running costs, we here at MyOffers think that the Smart ForFour is the winner by a mile... To get your hands on this prize you must make sure you are entered to win before the prize ends on 30/09/2016 - Good luck!

  • There are fewer cars currently on the market more stylish and exciting than the BMW. Known all over the world as one of the best car manufacturers, the BMW is renowned for sleek designs and fantastic high quality workmanship. A German company, the BMW is efficient and made using the best quality materials out there. People all over the world buy and drive BMW because it has such a great road safety record and because high quality and efficiency is pretty much guaranteed.

    We at MyOffers are very proud to be able to offer our latest and incredibly exciting free prize giveaway. We are offering one very lucky person the chance to win a brand new BMW 1 Series! Yes, you could be the proud owner of one of the sleekest and safest cars on the road. Great for families and singletons alike, this car has a great design, comfortable interior and lots of boot space meaning you can travel in comfort without needing to worrying about space and safety.

    To be in with a chance of winning this great free prize of a brand new BMW Series 1 from MyOffers, all you need to do is enter your details and YOU could be driving off in style. Good luck and get entering now!



Win a holiday or a weekend away & more prizes in our free holiday competitions!*

  • This promotion is sponsored by Cheapflights who will receive promotion entrants' details.

    Sign up to the Cheapflights email for the easy way to find your perfect holiday at the right price. You'll be the first to get the best flight, holiday and cruise deals – and biggest savings – direct to your inbox every week. Click below to join 10 million other savvy holidaymakers and sign up today.

  • Dubai is quickly becoming the place to visit. Just a few hours from the UK, Dubai is worlds away in terms of its differences.

    Glorious boiling sunshine nearly every single day means that it is a welcome escape from the haziness of the UK.

    Beautiful white sandy beaches, warm turquoise water and amazing buildings means that Dubai is somewhere more and more people are venturing to every single year.

    Dubai is synonymous with luxury and excellence. Amazing hotels that push the boundaries are everywhere in Dubai. One of these is the Atlantis hotel made famous by numerous celebrities going to visit every single year. And now you could be joining them if you enter this prize giveaway from MyOffers. We are offering a lucky member the chance to win a luxury five star holiday for two to Dubai staying at the Atlantis hotel.

    You could be surrounded in luxury for this incredible holiday of a lifetime. Stay in beautiful expertly designed rooms with fantastic views for miles around. Sample the delicious meals and lounge by the beautiful pools in the tropical heat without having to worry about how much this is all costing.

    This fabulous prize from MyOffers won't be around for long so to be in with a chance of winning this fantastic 5 star luxury holiday to Dubai staying at the Atlantis enter your details and you could be jetting off on the holiday of a lifetime. Enter before 31st January 2016.

    Good luck and happy holidays!

  • Europe is one of the most exciting and beautiful continents in the world. So much to see, do and experience. France, Italy, Spain, Portugal, Germany, Switzerland and many more countries that are unique, beautiful and exhilarating all in their own rights. Whether you like experiencing the great outdoors, taking in the buzz and excitement of a capital city, or spending time laying on sandy, peaceful beaches; there is something for every taste in Europe.

    Imagine then, the chance to win an all-inclusive holiday for a family of 5 to anywhere in this magical and varied continent.

    Well imagine no longer, because MyOffers are giving one lucky family the chance to experience an incredible holiday to anywhere in Europe for absolutely free.

    Perhaps you would like to sample the delights of Italy, taking in historic buildings, impressive churches and mouth-watering local delicacies. Or perhaps you would like to explore southern France, rock climbing in beautiful gorges and taking long walks in the lush and beautiful countryside.

    Wherever you decide to go is entirely up to you, but you and four family members with be experiencing it in all inclusive luxury. Delightful accommodation and all the food and drink you could possibly want without any of the expense.

    This fantastic free prize from MyOffers of an all-inclusive holiday to anywhere in Europe for you and your family won't be around for long, to be in with a shot of winning this great prize simply enter your details and it could be YOU off on the adventure of a lifetime.



Win money, premium bonds & more prizes in our free money competitions!*

  • We all dream about what it is we are going to do first if we every win the lottery, any sum of money would give a helping hand to those every day expenses that eat away at our pay slips each month! So why not try your hand at getting a thousand pounds for absolutely free? It takes 30 seconds to sign up if you aren't already a member and if you are it is even easier to win!

    Whether you will use this money to take that trip you have been thinking about for months, use it to pay off a little bit of debt, or simply use it to save for a rainy day the choice is yours! There never seems to be enough money in that monthly wage, certainly with the tax man diving head first into it! If you are looking for inspiration what to spend your money on if you win here are a few suggestions! We asked some of our MyOffers employees what they would do with the money and the answered varied from the romantic, I'd take my wife away, to the stylish who said they would totally revamp their wardrobe, to the sensible who said that they would use it as a contingency fund. We are sure you can think of hundreds of uses for this money, so what are you waiting for? Stop wishes and start entering before the prize closes!

    To ensure you are in with a chance of calling this incredible prize of £1,000 cash yours enter before the prize draw closes on 29th February 2016 – Good luck!

  • There a two types of people in the world, the ones who can at random purchase a scratch card and walk away richer and those who just don't have that lucky streak...

    We here at MyOffers want to improve your chances to win big on a scratch card, that is why we are giving you £1,000 to spend on them! Whether you favour the cheap £1 wins or are more daring to spend £10 or £20 on the possibility to walk away with millions the choice is entirely yours!

    Regardless of what you win, this prize ensures that you won't be worse off from entering! Gambling is fun and thrilling, however not such a good idea when you have bills to pay! So why not enter this competition and hopefully keep it at a little bit of fun rather than a massive loss! With £1,000 to spend on them, you've got to be super unlucky to not win at least once!

    If you want to spend the lot of scratchy cards for yourself go ahead, but these little treats, make great party gifts, even favours at weddings! So why not take a lucky dip and go mad, just remember us here at MyOffers if you win! To be in with a chance of winning this incredible prize make sure that you are entered in to win before entries close on 29th February 2016.

  • We here at MyOffers are tech mad! With a love of Apple, Windows, Sony, HP, Samsung and so many other brands it's often a debate about what prizes should feature on site! So why should we have to choose? That's why today's competition is completely different, we are giving you the opportunity to spend £1,000 on a gadget of your choice!

    Is your laptop a bit tired? Running a little slow? Does it need an upgrade but you can't justify spending the money replacing it? We have all been there and we would like to offer you a solution to that problem! With this prize you will be able to spend up to £1,000 on a new laptop!

    If you don't fancy spending your winnings on a laptop then that is no problem, how does a brand new 55” 3D TV sound? Or perhaps an iPad, phone or even something random like a drone!

    The possibilities are endless, but before you get carried away spending your winnings before you have even got them you need to enter this prize draw! Who knows we could be contacting you saying you're our winner!

    If you would like to be our winner then simply ensure you have entered this draw before it ends on 29th February 2016 – Good luck!