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Win Gadget Prizes

Unfortunately the prize you are trying to enter has expired. Please choose another electronic competition from the list below.

Televisions are changing; there are Plasma TV’s, LCD screens, widescreen televisions and the just launched HD televisions.

Television has gone digital in the last decade, set top digital boxes, Sky Digital and the new HD broadcasting. Updating televisions all the time can get expensive; the easiest way to avoid buying a new television is by winning one!

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Here at MyOffers we are always giving away televisions, Plasmas and LCD televisions.

A Television isn’t just for Christmas

If you fancy winning a television, you may also be interested in winning a DVD player so you can watch your favourite films in style at home.

If you think a Plasma screen television would look good on your wall at home then why not enter our competition today. Just register for free and you’ll be part of MyOffers, the UK’s largest prize draw website.

  • Win an iPhone 6 After what seemed like years of waiting, the new iPhone 6 has finally arrived and is flying off the shelves. Destined to once again be the must-have smartphones it is... Enter competition
  • Win a £3,000 Apple package If you're a Mac lover or just love a good gadget, this is a prize to blow you away! How would you like to win a brand new Mac? Maybe... Enter competition
  • Win an iPad Air You only have to hold the new iPad Air to know where it gets its name. Just 7.5mm thin and weighing in at one pound, it's 27% lighter and 20%... Enter competition
  • Win a Samsung Galaxy S5 Here's your chance to win one of the most feature-packed Smartphones on the planet, from tech giants Samsung. Renowned for their stunningly sharp design and revolutionary technology, Samsung have delivered... Enter competition
  • Win a Macbook Air You only have to look at the picture above to know that this is a competition that you'll want to win. The Apple brand is synonymous with sleek and stunning... Enter competition

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Gwyneth Lowe from Cheshire won £250 to spend at Morrisons.


Speech Bubble So happy to have won this amazing prize, cannot wait to go shopping!

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